Talking to Neal Benezra

I was out in San Francisco last week to catch an advance look at the William Kentridge show that opened March 14 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art — more on that later — and to check in on the nearly complete rooftop sculpture garden that SFMOMA is building on top of its adjacent parking garage. (Opens May 10.) While I was …

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Lost Discussion Group: Spirit of '77

Namaste! Lost returns from its halftime break—hope you had time to make a sandwich and hit the bathroom—with tonight’s episode, titled “Namaste,” which promises to be quite Dharma-heavy again. To kick off the pregame discussion, let’s talk about the impact of having so much of the story now set (seemingly for the duration, but you …

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Idol Predix Thread

My Idol reviews are online, directly below, in that post that looks like the American Idol Season 8 Commemorative Stamp Collection. Because it seems ungainly to throw a roundup and predictions into the same post, I thought I’d give my predictions for tonight here:

I have no idea.

Well, not no idea. If forced to pick, my money’s on …

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Corporate Press Release Theater: HGTV Hunkers Down

Although the bursting of the housing bubble hasn’t kept me from watching marathons of House Hunters episodes, these and other real-estate shows—with anxious buyers rushing to stretch their budgets and pull the trigger on houses—increasingly seem like remnants of a lost, prosperous time, artifacts of some ancient civilization dug from …

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