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TV Critic Exposes His Twitter in Public

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A little over a week ago, I opened a Twitter account (1) to follow other writers I know who post there, (2) because learning to write in 140-character tweets is much-needed discipline for me, and (3) so that I could someday write the above headline. 

I resisted joining Twitter for a while, mainly because, as a journalist’s tool, it seems better suited for reporters who are, you know, actually out doing interesting things. Whereas I figured a day’s worth of tweets from me would look like

* Watching TV. 

* Still watching TV.

* Need to make more coffee.

* Ah! Some television!

But having spent some time using the service, it seems that 95% of all tweets on Twitter have to do with what the poster is currently watching on TV, so maybe it’s better suited for me than I guessed. 

So if you’re on Twitter, I invite you to follow my feed. I haven’t been posting prolifically, but maybe the anxiety of having more followers will shame me into it. 

Also, if you’re driving through the greater Brooklyn area, my CB radio handle is “Chili Dawg.” What’s your 20, over?