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Idol Predictions: The Tuned In Index

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One advantage of moving the American Idol weekly reviews to the blog here, as opposed to putting them elsewhere on time.com, is that I get to see the traffic generated by each individual singer’s review. Which led me to wonder: Does a singer’s Tuned In traffic correspond to his or her voting rank? Can Tuned In predict the Idol results? 

Probably not. Not all attention is good; curiosity does not necessarily equal approval. But it’s fun to wonder. After the jump, the order, as of roughly 2:30 p.m. E.T., I give you The Tuned In Index (or The Tuned InDex?): 












This is entirely unscientific, of course. (Last week, Megan was second in pageviews but was on the chopping block with Jasmine–although I don’t think Idol ever actually said that last week’s four were the bottom four. Jasmine and Jorge were near, but not at, the bottom two.) But feel free to compare it with the results tonight, or dialidol.com right now.

[Update: By the way, if you’re wondering whether the order corresponds with the order they sang, and thus were listed on the page—assuming people began with the first singer and clicked through in order before getting bored with my verbiage and quitting halfway… well, I would have thought so too, but apparently not. Or at least not directly. Again, see Megan, who ranked high both weeks despite singing in the middle, and Michael, dwelling in the cellar despite being listed first. On the Internet, a low-cut dress defeats math, I guess.]