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Lost Discussion Group: Spirit of '77

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Namaste! Lost returns from its halftime break—hope you had time to make a sandwich and hit the bathroom—with tonight’s episode, titled “Namaste,” which promises to be quite Dharma-heavy again. To kick off the pregame discussion, let’s talk about the impact of having so much of the story now set (seemingly for the duration, but you never know) in 1977, in the Dharma era. What are the implications of having so many of the Lostaways so heavily involved in the very events that prefigured their crash-landing on the Island? Is it possible that, despite what Daniel says, they will ending up changing the past and thus their own future? Could they end up precipitating many of the events (the Purge, the pregnancy plague, etc.) that led them to misery? Do you see them getting back to the present?

Get on it. You have only 32 years to come up with an answer.