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Idol Predix Thread

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My Idol reviews are online, directly below, in that post that looks like the American Idol Season 8  Commemorative Stamp Collection. Because it seems ungainly to throw a roundup and predictions into the same post, I thought I’d give my predictions for tonight here:

I have no idea. 

Well, not no idea. If forced to pick, my money’s on Michael Sarver to suffer the ignominy of going home on Country Night. I’m guessing Adam Lambert and Megan Joy’s performances were each polarizing in their own way, but I’m not sure that hurts them. In the early rounds of Idol—with tonight’s vote being split 11 ways—it is probably better to be hated (and thus remembered) than forgettable.

If we assume the singers in greatest danger are the ones viewers have forgotten after two hours when the phone lines open, I’m thinking Allison and Kris both have a good chance of rounding out the bottom three. But I’m in no way confident, because no one was really horrible enough to guarantee themselves a ticket to Bottomsville. Rather the bottom three will probably be drawn from the numerous Just OK performances—in which case Lil “Little” Rounds could get a scare this week. Your predictions?