Breaking Bad

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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

I’m going to be delayed in doing any Sunday Watch posts, so I’m throwing it open for discussion of any weekend TV, including but not limited to:

* (SPOILER ALERT) The Amazing Race, whose two-part nonelimination round was not a surprise, exactly—it was clearly too early to get down to the Final Three—but annoying as usual …

Tuned In Tuned In

Breaking Bad Catch-Up

Am finally caught up on Breaking Bad post-vacation and wanted to do a brief post before I blow past the aired episodes and start watching next week’s. Spoiler alert for those of you who still haven’t watched:

Tuned In Tuned In

TV Weekend: Re-Breaking Bad

The first season of Breaking Bad was truncated by the writers’ strike at seven episodes out of a planned ten, though this did not stop Bryan Cranston for winning an Emmy for his portrayal of Walter White, dying chem teacher …

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