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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

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I’m going to be delayed in doing any Sunday Watch posts, so I’m throwing it open for discussion of any weekend TV, including but not limited to:

* (SPOILER ALERT) The Amazing Race, whose two-part nonelimination round was not a surprise, exactly—it was clearly too early to get down to the Final Three—but annoying as usual nonetheless, since the teams are so closely bunched together that we may as well not have even watched this week. I wonder if the producers of TAR have ever considered ditching the noneliminations and adding a couple more pairs to the beginning of the race, or if 11 is the natural limit of teams that can be intelligibly followed in one episode; or

* Breaking Bad, which again brought the tension and the comedy, with a great turn by Bob Odenkirk as a sleazebag lawyer (how exactly do you fit sleaze into a bag, anyway? with a funnel?); or

* In Treatment, which I hope to start blogging next week, once we get past the four weeks I watched for review—I just don’t have the hours in my day to go back and re-watch two and a half hours for week for blogging purposes. From what I read in my review, however, I apparently enjoyed this week.