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Hawaii Five-0: Broadcast Takes a Vacation from Ambition

The premise behind the remake of Hawaii Five-0, debuting Monday night, is that Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), head of an elite Federal task force in the Aloha State, has been given carte blanche, nearly unlimited resources and tools and vast leeway to accomplish his job by almost any means necessary. That also, it would seem, was …

Top 10 Unforgettable TV Sounds

In addition to spawning multiple spin-offs, the crime drama Law & Order is also known for its immediately recognizable “doink doink.” TIME takes a look at other unmistakable television sounds.

Mystery Science Theater 2010: Riffer Madness!

The other Thursday, as people walked in early to one of the 500 theaters where the RiffTrax demolition of Reefer Madness was scheduled to play, they found one of those pre-show movie trivia games in progress on-screen. “MOVIE MISTAKES,” one card read. “Furry Vengeance was classified as a movie on the Internet Movie Database.” And: “We

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