The 10 Best Bob Dylan Songs

Any attempt to make a “best of” list for an artist as prolific as Bob Dylan is doomed to fail. But, you know what, we decided to try anyway

Judging American Idol: The Final 7

It was Music of the 21st Century night on American Idol. Which means anything recorded in the past decade — or maybe the distant future, when the tiniest and most delicate Canadian pop stars will beam viral music videos directly to your brain! Who channeled the fierce urgency of now? Who set Idol back a hundred years? Click the pix to …

Musical Comedy: Every Comic in World (Almost) in New Pornographers Video


I try to make a point of not using this blog to simply post random videos from bands that I like. But I feel I can make an exception when the video (for The New Pornographers’ “Moves”) includes Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Donald Glover, much of the Daily Show cast, Julie Klausner as Neko …

Vacation Robo-Post: Happy New Year


OK, New Year’s Day is actually tomorrow. I am posting this nonetheless because:

* It is New Year’s Eve, and why are you on the Internet at all but to blow a few minutes on a diverting music video from the ’80s

* I am old, and this U2 video reminds me of a time when I was younger, …

Top 10 Songs That Aren’t Sung

There are songs and then there are things that position words in the general vicinity of music. TIME takes a look at pop numbers that are more spoken than sung.

Top 10 Angry Breakup Songs

Cee-Lo Green’s hit “F___ You” is more pleasant than its name suggests. Still, he isn’t happy about a love gone bad. TIME looks at angry tunes about sour relationships.

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