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Musical Comedy: Every Comic in World (Almost) in New Pornographers Video

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I try to make a point of not using this blog to simply post random videos from bands that I like. But I feel I can make an exception when the video (for The New Pornographers’ “Moves”) includes Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Donald Glover, much of the Daily Show cast, Julie Klausner as Neko Case and many, many more comic talents. Radio host / comic / director Tom Scharpling got the actors (as well as indie rocker Ted Leo, in drag) to show up for the faux biopic when the band itself ended up unavailable for the shoot. The result includes a spot-the-face gallery of cult-comedy heroes, cocaine smeared on a pizza, and a “trailer” for the movie Expectant Dads with Rudd and Hader. You’ll laugh, you’ll sing!