Gilbert Cruz

Gilbert Cruz, a senior editor, oversees arts coverage for, which he joined in 2007 after a stint at Entertainment Weekly. During his four years at TIME, he has edited the magazine's Briefing section, 10 Questions page and served as Education Staff Writer. A Bronx native, Cruz is a graduate of Georgetown University. He has seen Jaws at least 30 times.

Articles from Contributor

How 11/22/63 Fits Into Stephen King’s Ever-Expanding Universe

At one point in 11/22/63, Stephen King’s new novel about a man who travels back in time to try to stop the JFK assassination, the main character Jake Epping crosses paths with a pair of characters from his 1986 book It. I mention this in my review of the novel in this week’s issue of TIME, on stands this weekend.

Top 10 Movie Dance Scenes

Dance involves movement across space and time—something that the cinema does very well. TIME presents the most memorable dance scenes in film history.

Top 10 Movie Rereleases

George Lucas isn’t the only filmmaker guilty of giving audiences alternate versions of his movies. TIME takes a look at other cinematic reintroductions.

Top 10 Newspaper Movies

Most of the time, journalism is not that exciting (trust us, we know). But these movies do a superb job of making the business look glamorous, dangerous and fun.

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