Gilbert Cruz

Gilbert Cruz, a senior editor, oversees arts coverage for, which he joined in 2007 after a stint at Entertainment Weekly. During his four years at TIME, he has edited the magazine's Briefing section, 10 Questions page and served as Education Staff Writer. A Bronx native, Cruz is a graduate of Georgetown University. He has seen Jaws at least 30 times.

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My Five Things: Al Roker

Everybody needs a side gig, even the weatherman. A co-anchor on NBC’s The Today Show, Al Roker is also a novelist. He has co-written, with Dick Lochte, three murder mysteries starring chef/sleuth Billy Blessing: The Morning Show

Origins: Jonathan Lethem on the Movies That Have Influenced His Novels

At some point in his career, novelist Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude) realized that he didn’t need to shy away from writing about pop culture in his books. (Though, as he says, “I don’t even like the term pop culture. It’s culture!”) He realized that having his characters engage with the songs and albums …

Today’s Movie Trailer: The Hunger Games

Now that the Harry Potter series has been put to bed and the Twilight story is its in final stages, Hollywood needs a new franchise that can appeal to both children and adults. Place your bets, then, on The Hunger Games, the first movie of which will be released next March. Here is the film’s first full trailer. It stars Jennifer …

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