My Five Things: Al Roker

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Everybody needs a side gig, even the weatherman. A co-anchor on NBC’s The Today Show, Al Roker is also a novelist. He has co-written, with Dick Lochte, three murder mysteries starring chef/sleuth Billy Blessing: The Morning Show Murders, The Midnight Show Murders and his latest, The Talk Show Murders. TIME reached out to Roker to ask, “What are the five things you’re really digging on right now?” He responded….

1. iPad2

I do everything with it. I’ve given up my laptop. Games, books, movies and music. Plus I can pretend I’m actually working anyway.

2. GT Kombucha Gingerade

It’s Zingy and gives me a boost. Who knows what it does, but I like it. Just call me “Zen” Roker.

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3. Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speakers

My iPad/iPhone have a big sound through them. How does it work? Who cares? I press my iPad here and the music comes out there. Look Ma, no wires!

4. Annie Chun Roasted Wasabi Seaweed

Spicy, a little salty and no guilt. It’s like having sushi without the rice and the fish. Weird, yep! Tasty! You bet.

5. BOGS shoes

Warm, waterproof and a little stylish. Ok, maybe not stylish. Ok, my 13 year old daughter thinks I look like a geek. Annoying my kids and dry feet. WIN – WIN.

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