Belinda Luscombe

Belinda Luscombe, an editor-at-large of TIME, writes about the science, economy and insanity of relationships—those conducted at home, work or in cyberspace. Since lots of movies, books and TV shows and gossip are about the same thing, she also writes about those. Luscombe has worked at TIME since 1995, after moving to New York City from Sydney.

Articles from Contributor

10 Questions for Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell, who’s known for his comic antics as the mortifyingly uncool dad Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, would have quite liked to be an action hero. In this week’s 10 Questions, he explains that he doesn’t quite fit the superhero mold . “I don’t have the constitution to deliver lines in the way a leading man in an action film can do …

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks to TIME

For some people, Julia Louis-Dreyfus will forever be inseparable from her Seinfeld alter ego Elaine. For a vastly smaller number, she’s more memorable as the title character in The New Adventures of Old Christine. Now she’s playing a new character, and as far as fictional careers go, it’s a step up: the Vice President.

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