Watch Tommy Hilfiger Critique Olympic Uniforms

The designer finds some Olympic styles wanting. Plus, don't wear florals around him

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Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t mince his words when discussing other countries’ Olympic outfits: The Germans and the Norwegians are among the teams whose ensembles whose uniforms he thinks are too busy — and let’s not start on people who wear florals. Hilfiger, who showed his Fall Collection for New York Fashion week on Feb. 10, stopped by TIME headquarters to answer 10 Questions.

The fashion industry titan, who started in the clothing business in the 60s with a store in Elmira, New York, also shared thoughts on working with Zooey Deschanel on a capsule line, which the young actress described as “modical.” (That’s “mod” + “nautical.”) Elsewhere in the interview, which can be read in this week’s issue of TIME, he discusses why he supports autism research, the clothes that never go out of style (his answer might disappoint you) and what it’s like to live next door to Mick Jagger. (Yes to parties, no to crazy dressing.)

And in case you’re wondering, he’s fine with violet tights — or so he told me.