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Archer's Secret (Agent) Debut

It’s not often that I get a PR pitch from a network asking me not to write about a new show it’s debuting. But last week FX wrote to say that it was sneak-peeking the first episode of its animated spy comedy Archer (starring the voices of H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler and Jessica Walter), and requested that critics not mention the …

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The Morning After: Community Organizing, Fringe Media

I’ll have a post about last night’s The Office and Parks and Recreation up a bit later this morning. I’ve already weighed in on last night’s debut of Community, though, and while I enjoyed Fringe for its Walterliciousness—and the awesome sight of Olivia flying through the windshield—it stayed far enough away from the big reveal at …

In Praise of Blockbusters

I didn’t want to let the week run out without throwing in something about blockbusters, all those giant loan shows of the past few decades, which have been getting spanked lately by critics and museum professionals insisting that museums must get back to focusing on their permanent collections. (A re-focus the recession has done a lot to …

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Now the Deluge: Office, Parks & Rec and Fringe Return

Besides tonight’s debut of Community, we also have the returns of The Office, Parks and Recreation and Fringe, which Fox has decided to add to my Thursday entertainment burden menu. After the jump, a little rundown of what to expect, and how I plan to handle blogging the heavy schedule of Thursday  shows as the fall season kicks in.

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Always Sunny Live: The Gang Puts On a Show

It’s hard to describe The Nightman Cometh to somebody who hasn’t seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When you do attempt to describe it, it’s just as hard to explain why you would want to make a special trip to see it on stage. But here goes: it’s a musical episode of a sitcom in which one of the characters, to impress a woman he …

Curiouser and Curiouser

A few days ago I mentioned here that Christopher Knight, the art critic of the Los Angeles Times, had noticed the odd fact that the logo for last weekend’s anti-Obama march on Washington makes use of a symbol with a long pedigree on the militant left, a raised fist.

It turns out that the Rolling Stone website has more details. They …

Tuned In Tuned In

Community: Chevy Chase Is On Fire

I get to the set of NBC’s Community a little bit before sunset, the night they are going to set Chevy Chase on fire. The new comedy—about a misfit study group at a community college—does its location shooting on a real campus in Koreatown. Tonight, they’re shooting some nighttime shots for the second episode (the first one they …

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