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The Morning After: Community Organizing, Fringe Media

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Liane Hentscher/FOX

Liane Hentscher/FOX

I’ll have a post about last night’s The Office and Parks and Recreation up a bit later this morning. I’ve already weighed in on last night’s debut of Community, though, and while I enjoyed Fringe for its Walterliciousness—and the awesome sight of Olivia flying through the windshield—it stayed far enough away from the big reveal at the end of last season that I don’t have a lot further comment. So feel free to use this thread for your thoughts on these shows, the fourth night of Jay Leno (which makes him sound like a Jewish holiday), Project Runway (label your spoilers, please), the debut of Survivor: Borneo, which I have yet to watch, or the SNL primetime special, which I could care less about.