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Glenn Beck on the Cover of TIME: Mad or Glad?

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Nicholas Roberts / The New York Times / Redux

Nicholas Roberts / The New York Times / Redux

TIME’s cover story this week, by politics writer David von Drehle, is about Glenn Beck. (Cover line: MAD MAN.) I suspect one or two of you have an opinion about it.

Just to repeat something I’ve said before: I’m not an ombudsman, so I make it my policy neither to critique or defend other TIME stories at Tuned In. The main reason: because TIME pays me, anything I said in praise of one of our stories would be automatically discounted (the first rule of debate on the Internet is, Always assume your opponent is arguing in bad faith) and I can’t fairly criticize an organization that I can’t credibly defend. And while I’ll gladly explain and discuss my own stories, I had nothing to do with this one, so I can’t answer any questions.

But I’ve shared my own views on Beck here before, and this is the place for discussing media issues, so please use this thread for your comments, questions and criticisms, and I’ll let David and the editors know it’s here. Just try to keep it civil—which, judging by what usually happens when I post about Beck, may be wishful thinking.