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Louie Watch: Self, Love

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Last night’s double-shot of Louie was an example of a recurring structure of season two Louie episodes, and an unusual one for a sitcom. Louie is going about his business—work, life—and comes across another person. They talk. They just… talk. For a long time. And then the conversation …

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FX at TCA: More Louie, Wilfred, Philly. Less Pants.

Saturday is my last day at TCA TV critics’ press tour in LA (my colleagues will have to soldier on without me for ABC’s final presentation), and the network of the day was FX, which updated us as to what’s going on in the worlds of tortured male antiheroes and raunchy comedy. Some of the highlights:

* In the last year, FX was the …

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Louie Watch: Tunnel of Love

No time for a lengthy writeup of last night’s excellent Louie, “Subway/Pamela,” but a few quick, bulleted thoughts:

* There are a lot of great things that Louie does, but it deserves more credit for bringing back the art of the silent film, as in the (mostly) wordless subway sequence that opened the episode.

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Louie Watch: Your Beloved Racist Aunt

Every week I say that I’m not going to write about Louie every week, and yet again here comes another episode so weird and strangely affecting that I can’t not say a little something about it. So here goes again.

“Country Drive” was another of those Louie episodes that it’s hard to imagine working in a sitcom with a more conventional …

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The Morning After: Louie and Joan, Sitting in a Tree

As I’ve said, I’m trying to scale back on the weekly episode reviews here at Tuned In, and I’ve said a great deal already about Louis C.K. and this season of Louie. But we’ve come to the last of the four episodes of the show that I saw in advance, so it’s a good time to check in on how you all are liking the season (which has very …

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Louie Watch: Pregnant Pause

Spoilers for last night’s Louie below:

Since I’m stepping back from weekly Watches on the blog, I don’t expect to be writing about Louie every week, though I’ll certainly be watching. But because I visited the set for the shooting of “Pregnant,” because it gives some suggestions as to the direction of the second season, and Louis CK …

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Louis on Louie

My Paley Center Q&A Wednesday night with Louis C.K. went great. Which is to say, he was great—all I really did was lob some questions, stepped back and let him go, while I tried not to touch my head too often. (I never know what to do with my hands at these sorts of things.) Fortunately, he more than obliged.

The Paley Center has …

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JPTV: Live Q&A with Louis C.K.


Tomorrow night (Wednesday, Nov. 3) I’ll be at the Paley Center in Manhattan, hosting a Q&A session with Louis C.K., star/director/writer/editor/almost-everything-else of FX’s fantastic, idiosyncratic Louie, which may well be my favorite new show of 2010. The session starts at 8:30 …

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A Second Look At: Louie

Louis C.K.’s new FX comedy, Louie, debuted while I was on vacation at the end of the June, so I wrote about it in a pre-holiday blog post the week before. If it got lost in the shuffle, let me remedy that by saying: Louie continues to be one of the best new series of the year, and if you haven’t been watching, I urge you to catch …

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