Louis CK Delays Louie Season 4 Until 2014

Comedian Louis CK, mastermind behind the FX show Louie, announced today that the series—the third season of which ended last month—would not return to television in mid-2013 as planned. Instead, having requested “more time to …

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Louie Watch: Yin and Yangtze

Spoilers for last night’s season 3 finale of Louie follow:

Some sitcoms have ideas behind them. Some wind up episodes with little lessons or observations about life. But it’s a rare sitcom that has a philosophy—that sets itself up, not as a source of answers, but as an investigation into the question of how to live. It’s a rarer …

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Louie Watch: Dad of Anarchy

Spoilers for last night’s Louie below:

In “Something Is Wrong,” the the season premiere of Louie, Louis CK’s alter ego protagonist bought himself a motorcycle. I’ve seen the first five episodes of the third season by now, and …

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While I Was Out: Let Slip the Ducks of War

My first day back at work, I’ve been catching up on some screeners and episodes I missed while I was away, which is another way of saying that I have no real problems. One of those was “Duckling,” the hourlong episode of Louie set in Afghanistan, and while it’s too late and time too short for any complete review, it was a special …

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