Cannes Film Festival

A Golden Palm for The Tree of Life

The shy guy was a no-show again, and this time as the guest of honor. The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick’s grand view of the universe as reflected in one suburban Texas family in the 1950s, won the Palme d’Or, the top prize of the …

If I’d Been Tweeting from Cannes…

…the messages would’ve been madly multi-part, with as many chapters as the whole Harry Potter opus. My editors know I can’t say ‘Hi’ in 140 words, let alone 140 characters. I think I’m already over the l


In French, it is spelled ‘tuite’?


The chatter onscreen, in the press conferences, at café tables, among the …

The Artist: Cannes’ Beauty Spot

Delight is not a word frequently associated with the films at Cannes. Seriousness, slowness, strangeness: the movies on the Grand Palais screen are often dour and demanding. This year the world’s most acclaimed directors have …

Sean Penn Leads a Fast Five Films for Friday

The countdown ticks toward Sunday’s Palme d’Or ceremony. With two days left, only two of the 20 film in competition are left to see. In a Festival that began with big names and high hopes, a gentle malaise has settled upon the

Melancholia: Lars von Trier’s Tree of Death

Wagner’s Overture for Tristan und Isolde thunders its ominous beauty on the soundtrack, and a blond woman (Kirsten Dunst) in a bridal gown watches anxiously as birds fall dead from the sky. In a farther region of the sky, one …

Lars von Trier: “O.K., I’m a Nazi”

Within the hour, Richard Corliss will be posting his review of Lars von Trier’s (in my view, excellent) new film Melancholia, which had its world premiere this morning. But von Trier, the wildly talented, supremely maddening Danish director of such Cannes favorites as Europa/Zentropa, Breaking the Waves and Antichrist, topped himself for …

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