Cannes Film Festival

Restless: Gus Van Sant Draws a Blank

The other night we had the pleasure of meeting Mia Wasikowska, the wan, wonderful young actress who has played the title roles in Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre and was in Cannes to promote her new film, Restless. Tall and polite, and flashing deep dimples she almost never reveals on screen, the 21-year-old Australian rhapsodized …

We Need to Talk About Kevin: The Face of Pure Evil

When a child dies, it is a tragedy for the parents, an upsetting of the natural order. But when a child kills, is the parent also guilty of the crime? We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lynne Ramsay’s solid, scary film that became …

Wu Xia: Martial Arts Majesty

Wu Xia, which will be called Dragon when The Weinstein Company releases it in the United States, brought the Festival’s weekend slate roaring to life. An antidote to the slow, overweight Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger

Johnny Depp’s Pirates Sinks on the Riviera

Today two action films invaded the stately art house that is the Cannes Film Festival. In line with the Festival’s policy of keeping the slate of pictures competing for the Palme d’Or pure and rigorous, Pirates of the Caribbean: …

Festival Diary: The Morning Line

The art-film industry’s rite of spring is upon us. The 64th Cannes Film Festival begins tomorrow with the promise of new work representing the finest international directors and stars. After a drab Cannes 2010, the Côte d’Azur …

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