John Cloud

John Cloud is a senior writer at Time. He has won numerous awards, including a National Press Club prize in 2005 for political journalism and a GLAAD award for his story "The New Face of Gay Power." He covers health and social issues for the magazine and for Healthland. He is married and lives in New York City.

Articles from Contributor

House Watch: The Fall Finale Edition

This week’s House M.D. wrapped the first half of Season 8. The episode, “Perils of Paranoia,” more fully developed the new Team characters, Adams and Park, who finally seemed like real people last night. More below, but first a …

House Watch: Lucky 13

13! Yes Olivia Wilde was back last night along with Wentworth Miller as Patient—and I had a difficult time deciding who is hotter. Before you read on, a House-ish SPOILER ALERT: don’t be an IDIOT and read further unless you …

Lostwatch: 316

Before you read this post, stop thinking how ridiculous it is, start asking yourself whether or not you believe it’s going to work and watch last night’s Lost.

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