Richard Corliss

Richard Corliss joined TIME in 1980 as a movie critic, a position he still holds. Before TIME, he wrote for National Review, New Times, Maclean’s of Canada and SoHo Weekly News. He was also editor for Film Comment from 1970 to 1990. Corliss is the author of the books Talking Pictures, a study of Hollywood screenwriters, and Greta Garbo (both 1974). In 1994 he wrote a study of the novel and film Lolita. Corliss holds a B.A. from Saint Joseph’s College in Philadelphia and an M.S. in film studies from Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife, Mary.

Articles from Contributor

Top 10 Sundance Hits

As the 2012 Sundance film festival kicks off, TIME’s Richard Corliss reflects on more than three decades worth of hits from the indie conclave.

Mystery Science Theater 2010: Riffer Madness!

The other Thursday, as people walked in early to one of the 500 theaters where the RiffTrax demolition of Reefer Madness was scheduled to play, they found one of those pre-show movie trivia games in progress on-screen. “MOVIE MISTAKES,” one card read. “Furry Vengeance was classified as a movie on the Internet Movie Database.” And: “We

Mad Men Watch: Paging Dr. Lyle Evans

Before reading this post, enjoy dinner and a show at a Benihana restaurant, then watch last night’s Mad Men.

Sally Draper got a haircut, and Roger Sterling a dressing down, in the fifth and strongest episode of the fourth season. Streamlined compared with last week’s scattershot plot, the new hour, titled “The Chrysanthemum and the …

Mad Men Watch: Weekend Update

Why is this Mad Men Watch being posted on the weekend? Three reasons. Because I had to think through my initial disappointment and confusion about season 4, episode 4: “The Rejected.” (Indeed, my first impulse after watching …

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