Richard Corliss

Richard Corliss joined TIME in 1980 as a movie critic, a position he still holds. Before TIME, he wrote for National Review, New Times, Maclean’s of Canada and SoHo Weekly News. He was also editor for Film Comment from 1970 to 1990. Corliss is the author of the books Talking Pictures, a study of Hollywood screenwriters, and Greta Garbo (both 1974). In 1994 he wrote a study of the novel and film Lolita. Corliss holds a B.A. from Saint Joseph’s College in Philadelphia and an M.S. in film studies from Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife, Mary.

Articles from Contributor

Big Love Watch: You May Kiss the Bride

After cooling down from the nonstop thrills of the Oscar broadcast, watch last night’s very special episode of Big Love and join us at the reception.

The vast majority of people on TV—whether on a dramatic series or sitcom, a reality show or a political talk show—are encouraged, indeed obliged to express themselves in the starkest, …

Glee Watch: 12-Step Pogrom

“Blame It on the Alcohol,” last night’s breezy, sharply written episode of Glee, takes an Afterschool Special topic and spikes it with wry. Cued by Principal Higgins’s insistence that the Glee Club should commemorate Alcohol Awareness Week with an appropriate number performed at a general assembly, the kids choose “Tick Tock” by Ke$ha …

Big Love Watch: All About the Mormons

Big Love is anomaly among HBO shows, in that it avoids the obligatory nudity and rarely utters a curse stronger than “G.D.” With these self-imposed restrictions, the series has to find subtler ways of providing its shocks. Sunday’s episode, “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.,” boasted two jolts—mouth-to-mouth scandals that touched on the series’ …

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