Krista Mahr

Krista Mahr is TIME's South Asia Bureau Chief and correspondent in New Delhi, India. She has worked in TIME's Tokyo bureau and Time Asia's headquarters in Hong Kong.

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American Idol: The Final Nine, Part II

It was a night dedicated to the music of an American giant, a swaggering, pompadoured rule-breaker whose sexualized performances shocked a nation. Also, it was Elvis night. But the big name on stage was Adam—as in Lambert—last year’s Idol phenom and runner-up. Did Glambert teach this year’s sleepy finalists that it’s American Idol, …

American Idol: The Final Eleven

Legendary music veteran Miley Cyrus imparted her decades of showbiz wisdom to the young whippersnappers of tonight as they chose #1 songs from the Billboard Hot 100 (a list that’s three times as old as Cyrus is). Who benefited from her mentoring? We’ll find out… after the break! (Or, actually, by clicking on the pictures below.)


Judging "American Idol": The Final 7

It’s songs-from-movies week on “American Idol,” which means a mentoring appearance from a frighteningly earnest Quentin Tarantino. And fitting a Hollywood production, “Idol” found itself fighting running-time overruns, after last Tuesday ran way over; this week only two judged got to speak per contestant. (Maybe we should start off with …