7 People Who Loved Frozen So Much They Made the Costumes

Cosplayers share why they loved Frozen so much that they were inspired to create and wear their own Anna & Elsa costumes.

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It’s no secret that Disney’s Frozen is a hit: In the months since its initial November release, the princess flick has earned nearly $100 million worldwide — not to mention a whole lot of priceless goodwill in the hearts of its legions of fans. Some of those fans were so devoted that they even made costumes to show how much they care: Here, some of Frozen‘s most dedicated fans and cosplayers share what drew them to the story of Nordic royals Elsa and Anna. From songs you can hum to characters you can relate to, and from sibling bonds to sparkly gowns, it turns out that there are plenty of reasons to get infatuated with Frozen.

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