2% of U.S. Netflix Subscribers Watched All of Season 2 of ‘House of Cards’ in One Weekend

13 hour-long episodes in 3 days

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Nathaniel E. Bell / Netflix

Michel Gill (left) and Kevin Spacey (right) in a scene from "House of Cards" season 2

Around two percent of Netflix subscribers in the U.S. watched all 13 50-minute-long episodes of House of Cards this past weekend after the show premiered on the streaming service Friday, Variety reports.

Four times as many people watched at least one episode of the show compared to opening weekend during the show’s first season.

Though Netflix does not report its usage data, Procera Networks tracked three U.S. Internet service providers to gather data on how many people binge-watched the political show this weekend. Netflix reported 31.7 million subscribers in the U.S. last month.

Procera also found that the House of Cards premiere didn’t seem to bring any extra traffic to Netflix over the weekend.