Will Ferrell’s Production Company Creates Division For Female-Led Projects

Gary Sanchez Productions is getting a sister

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Comedian Will Ferrell is launching a female-focused division of his production company.

Gloria Sanchez Productions will aim to produce “female-led” television and film projects, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Jessica Elbaum, a long-time executive at Gary Sanchez Productions, Ferrell’s existing company with Anchorman director Adam McKay, will be at the helm.

“When Jessica came to us with this idea, we thought it was fantastic,” Ferrell and McKay said in a statement. “She has worked with some of the great female voices in comedy and has proven herself as a gifted producer who has a keen eye for material.”

Given the box office success of female-led comedies like Bridesmaids and The Heat, which brought in a surprising $40 million during its opening weekend, the production company is entering  a fertile climate for comedies starring and created by women. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Elbaum is in post-production on the film Welcome to Me which stars Kristen Wiig and was written and directed by Shira Piven.

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