This Politician Is Definitely Watching Too Much House of Cards

A convenient campaign motto

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A Fresh Start

Courtesy of PoliticsPA

Life is imitating art in Pennsylvania.

A wealthy businessman running for governor there is proudly declaring “a fresh start” as his motto. That sounds an awful like the campaign motto used by Peter Russo, the fictional politician from the Netflix political thriller House of Cards, who was also a Democrat running for Pennsylvania governor.

OK, in fairness, Russo used an exclamation point—”A fresh start!”— and Wolf throws in a “For Pennsylvania.” But still.

The local website PoliticsPA noted the similarity in the photo mashup above.

Even if Wolf doesn’t win, its safe to say he won’t meet the same grizzly end Russo suffered at the hands of a Machiavellian Kevin Spacey.

Season two of House of Cards is being released on Netflix on Friday.

Wolf’s campaign got in on the joke late Tuesday: