Pokémon Will Soon Be Streaming on Hulu

Hulu Plus looks to court more subscribers with some solid '90s nostalgia

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You can keep on catching them all: Pokémon fans will soon be able to revisit their favorite Pokémon shows and movies on Hulu. Pokémon and Hulu cut a pact to stream a number of animated titles based on the uber-popular video games on Hulu Plus, as Variety reports.

Casual watchers will be able to stream “Pokémon Origins” (which tells the story featured in the first videogames) and the first two episodes of the new Pokémon XY show for free on Hulu; those with a more fanatical interest will be able to access several other seasons of the various Pokémon shows as well as three Pokémon movies on Hulu Plus with a $7.99 per month subscripion.

The deal will likely draw to Hulu’s site droves of nostalgic young adults who long packed away their Game Boys, as well as the crop of kids still playing the new Pokémon XY game (released Oct. 2013). Pokémon was first introduced as a Nintendo game in 1996; since then, more than 245 million videogames and 20 billion Pokémon trading cards have been sold. In total, there are over 7000 animated episodes of the Pokémon show and 16 full-length films.