Lena Dunham Defends Vogue Photos

Photoshopped or not, the images are not a bad thing, says the Girls star and creator

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The website Jezebel posted this unretouched photo of Lena Dunham on Friday. Digitally-altered versions of this and other photos taken by Annie Leibovitz appear in the February issue of Vogue.

Lena Dunham doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

The writer and star of HBO’s Girls told Slate France that the controversy over digitally-altered images from a Vogue photo shoot “confuses me a little.” The fact that she was on the cover at all was for the better, she said, since she is not a typical cover girl.

The untouched images were obtained and posted by Jezebel Friday (the site offered a $10,000 bounty!) after Vogue put her on the cover of the February magazine.

Dunham said:

“I know that I felt really likeVogue supported me and wanted to put a depiction of me on the cover. I never felt bullied into anything; I felt really happy because they dressed me and styled me in a way that really reflects who I am. And I felt that was very lucky and that all the editors understood my persona, my creativity and who I am. I haven’t been keeping track of all the reactions, but I know some people have been very angry about the cover and that confuses me a little. I don’t understand why, photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl, could be a bad thing.”