Taylor Swift Divides Neighbors With Beachfront Wall

The singer is erecting a giant seawall in front of her $17 million mansion

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Taylor Swift is alienating her neighbors by building a giant seawall on the public beach in front of her $17 million Rhode Island home, according to Connecticut newspaper The Day.

The newspaper accuses Swift of “rearranging the rocky coastline” beneath her oceanside mansion in Watch Hill, R.I. Columnist David Collins reported seeing earth movers digging rocks out of the ocean to build a wall. Swift’s home sits above a public sandy beach. A local surfer told the newspaper he believed the work was “completely illegal,” saying changes to the ocean bottom will affect the surf.

But Laura Dwyer, spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, told the Providence Journal that Swift’s contractors have all the relevant permits, and had fllowed the law: “All is OK. Everything is on the level. They haven’t done anything wrong.”

Swift’s building work comes after an intruder was arrested for trespassing at her home earlier this year, after swimming onto the property at 2 a.m.

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