Steve Carell Says You’re Messing Up The ‘That’s What She Said’ Joke

The Office star schools fans on the joke

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Steve Carell made a name for himself by repeatedly declaring “That’s what she said” as Michael Scott on The Office. When it comes to that joke, he’s kind of a big deal. So when he and Anchorman 2 colleagues Will Ferrell and James Marsden went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, Carell fielded questions about how to say the joke. 

A fan called in and asked if people often crack the joke around Carell. Yes, he said, but rarely do they get it right.

“Some people don’t understand the structure of the joke,” he said. “And you’ll say, ‘Boy, I got out of a cab today,’ and somebody will say, ‘That’s what she said.’ That’s not really how it works. … They get it wrong a lot.’

For a tutorial on the right way to say “That’s what she said,” see the video below.