Prince to Appear on Post-Super Bowl Episode of New Girl

Turns out The Purple One is a fan of the show

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Prince performs at the Hop Farm festival at The Hop Farm on July 3, 2011, in Paddock Wood, England.
Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Prince has decided to grace an episode of Fox’s New Girl with his diminutive and delicate presence.

The episode will air on Feb. 2, 2014, in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot. Adam Sandler, one of the many, many humans who could be described as the polar opposite of Prince, will appear in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airing immediately after.

Prince is no stranger to the Super Bowl. In 2007, he headlined a rain-soaked halftime show that culminated in an epic performance of “Purple Rain.”

The episode will reportedly revolve around one of Prince’s legendary house parties. Which was likely inspired by the breakfast-themed pajama dance party he threw earlier this year at his Paisley Park home.  (Let’s all take a minute to think about the style of pajamas that Prince will hopefully sport in the episode. Silk separates? Footie PJs? A fleecy robe for those cold Minnesota nights? The world is a giant, purple oyster.)

According to Dr. Funkenberry, a blog that may or may not actually be written by Prince on his Lenovo tablet (come on, Prince doesn’t trust Apple) while he’s wearing an ornately paisley-patterned purple caftan and stroking a pure white dove, His Royal Badness is actually a big fan of the show. Which means that the 55-year-old music legend (who has won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award) actively sought to appear on a Fox sitcom about twentysomethings who live together in a Los Angeles loft.

Let’s hope the party ends with Prince making everyone pancakes.