James Franco’s ‘Spring Breakers’ Performance Earns Him An Award

It's award season, y'all

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Indefatigable actor James Franco has bagged his first award for his supporting role as rapper/drug dealer Alien in Spring Breakers.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association on Sunday awarded Franco’s performance with a tie win shared with Jared Leto, who played an AIDS patient in Dallas Buyers Club. Franco’s turn as Alien inspired A24 Films to launch a “for your consideration” campaign on the actor’s behalf back in September.

Though Franco’s performance was one of the most notable aspects of Harmony Korine’s neon-tinged crime spree drama, many people initially took the campaign as a promotional stunt. The distribution company later clarified that it was indeed serious:

Now it seems that the campaign might be paying off. In addition to the LA Film Critics Award, Franco has been nominated for best supporting actor by the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association.

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