Hollywood Animal Safety Group Denies ‘Life of Pi’ Tiger ‘Damn Near Drowned’

AHA said claim of Life of Pi tiger almost drowning was exaggerated

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20th Century Fox

A group responsible for the safety of animals used in the film industry disputed a recent report that claims it is too cozy with Hollywood.

A Hollywood Reporter investigation says the American Human Association (AHA), tasked with issuing the “No Animals Were Harmed” trademark in film credits, overlooked incidences of abuse, but the nonprofit said the report was misleading.

“I really think that the article does not paint a very accurate picture of the program and the hard work that we do out there in the field,” AHA senior advisor Karen Rosa told AFP. 

The report featured an email from an AHA member monitoring Life of Pi, Ang Lee’s film about a boy and a Bengal tiger trapped on a boat, saying the tiger, known as Richard Parker in the movie, “damn near drowned” in one scene.

Rosa said she believes the member was exaggerating, but overall the animal was not harmed.

“Cats are good swimmers!” she said.

The group acknowledged that accidents have occurred, including a horse dying on set of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, but said the report was still exaggerated.

“Far from allowing abuse or neglect to occur, we have a remarkably high safety record of 99.98 percent on set,” AHA said.