Why The ‘Blurred Lines’ Girl Beat Out Jennifer Lawrence for Esquire’s ‘Woman of the Year’

Because she looks good naked, and it's probably mostly men voting in this poll

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Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Model Emily Ratajkowski posing in front of a picture of herself on the cover of Treats! Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski, the model from the “Blurred Lines” music video — you know, the super hot one — has captured Esquire‘s “Woman of the Year” title. The winner is determined by readers, and Ratajkowski took 64.6 percent of readers’ votes in a five-round bracket, beating out America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, in the last round.

Now what’s great about Jennifer Lawrence is that she both looks like this and tells industry folks who say that she has to lose weight that they can “go f*** themselves.” Plus, she’s a powerful role model for young girls (see, Hunger Games and previous comment about body image).

The problem with Ratajkowski? Most people don’t know her name… just her body (appropriate-for-the-office version of the “Blurred Lines” video below).

But what do you expect? Esquire has a male audience and male voters, and they don’t really care what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about body image and self-confidence.

Ratajkowski hopes to change the perception that she’s all body and no talent though: She said in a recent New York Times interview that she wants “to be a brand,” and she’s foraying her “Blurred Lines” success into an acting career (she’ll be Ben Affleck’s mistress in the hit mystery-novel-turned-film Gone Girl). She hasn’t won an Oscar quite yet like JLaw has, but maybe some day.