Watch: Sesame Street Parodies Homeland

You'll never see this twist coming

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There’s something strange about Nicolas Baaa-rody.

The hero-turned-Special Sheep Agent was brought into help track down the big bad wolf who is on the lam(b) in this new Homeland parody from Sesame Street, but fear not: lamb Carrie Mathison …er, Caaaaarie, is on the case. Unfortunately, the lamb versions of Saul Berenson and David Estes are no different than their characters in Showtime’s hit series: Caaaaarie is just crying wolf when she thinks something is suspicious about the new lamb hero. “Have you ever heard a sheep howl?” she asks, to which sheep Daaaaavid Estes, replies, “So he speaks other languages!” Needless to say, her bosses feel rather, er, sheepish when the truth is revealed.

While children may not understand the humor when Caaaarie’s superiors are taken in by Baaa-rody’s charms, the jazz theme song, or how Caaarie bleats, “Focus, Carrie, focus!” when she’s distracted by Baaa-rody’s beautiful eyes and big luxurious ears, they will appreciate the new twist on the old tale of a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Sesame Street, the longtime children’s television stalwart, has taken pop culture by storm with their recent puppet-based parodies of such unlikely shows as Sons of Anarchy and seen the lovable muppets sing with Usher and cover Icona Pop.

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