Aaron Paul Is Having More Fun Than You

A brief history of the Breaking Bad star's recent spate of entertaining antics

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The Film Society Of Lincoln Center And AMC Celebration Of "Breaking Bad" Final Episodes - Red Carpet

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, Aaron Paul took to Twitter to say that he would be leaving tickets around downtown Boise, Idaho for a screening of that night’s episode of Breaking Bad. The tweet was believable for only two reasons: First, because Paul had announced the previous week that he would be hosting a viewing party for the episode at a local movie theater. And second, because he’s Aaron Paul.

The Breaking Bad star then spent the next four-and-a-half hours tweeting the locations of tickets scattered throughout the town:

Sunday’s Twitter treasure hunt was merely the latest example of how much the star (seen in the photo posing with billionaire investor Warren Buffett) has been enjoying himself as the series’ final episodes air. While many actors seem to shun fan interaction as their shows grow in popularity, Paul seems to be taking the opposite approach, soaking up every opportunity and chance encounter that comes his way.

Back in July, video surfaced of Paul coming out of his house to greet a group of tourists who had stopped by to see the actor’s home as part of a Hollywood celebrity tour. The two-minute clip quickly went viral.

Then there was the Reddit AMA he participated in last month, in which he spent most of it gamely complying with commenters’ requests that he call them “bitch” (his character’s popular catchphrase). Earlier this month, another Reddit user posted a photo of the crucial life advice that Paul (and his character, Jesse Pinkman), left on a napkin for a waiter at a restaurant.

And most recently, Paul posted a photo on his Instagram account that may (or, more likely, may not) include a truly shocking spoiler for the series’ final episodes. So however the last two episodes wrap up for Jesse on the show—and things don’t seem to be going especially well at the moment—Paul has been more than making up for it off it.