This Is Your Chance to Be in the Next Star Wars Movie

But only if you're a "physically fit" young actor

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Almost nothing about this is actually confirmed, but reliable movie-business columnist Roger Friedman is suggesting that the casting for three big Star Wars Episode VII has begun. Friedman has his hands on a casting sheet for an untitled movie—one that is, rather notably, to be directed by J.J. Abrams and to come from Disney. (If they’re working on a different project, we’ve never heard of it). Here are the three parts being sought:

[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Handsome, but not necessarily heroic. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.

[MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.

[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, raw energy, independent and with a great sense of humor.

Friedman guesses these young and “physically fit” characters might be Skywalker and Solo spawn (we’d hazard that the first is Luke’s and the third is Leia/Han; number two could go either way). An earlier casting call for the same project also sought older actors for a variety of roles.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world of Star Wars casting, other rumors continue to swirl, especially over whether Benedict Cumberbatch will follow his Star Trek Into Darkness director to a leading role in Star Wars.

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