The Fandom Menace: 12 Movies About Obssessive Fans

'Austenland' joins a long list of films about people with extreme levels of pop-culture devotion

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At first, Keri Russell’s character in the upcoming movie Austenland (in select U.S. theaters Aug. 16) might seem a little bit over-the-top in her obsession with Pride & Prejudice. It’s specifically the BBC’s movie version of the Austen classic—and the movie’s vision of Mr. Darcy—that gets to her.  So effectively, in fact, that spends her savings on a trip to the titular resort, a place where she and her fellow fans can live out their Austen fantasies.

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But then again, looking at the canon of cinematic works about the fan experience, having the hots for Mr. Darcy is far from the most extreme scenario. So, in honor of Austenland, here are a dozen other movies about what it means to be a fan.


I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Universal / Getty Images

I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978)

OBSESSION: The Beatles

PLOT: Teenage girls try to make it to the Beatles’ first appearance
on The Ed Sullivan Show


Detroit Rock City

New Line Cinema

Detroit Rock City (1999)


PLOT: Teenagers try to get into a KISS concert


Fever Pitch Poster

Twentieth Century Fox

Fever Pitch (2005)

OBSESSION: The Boston Red Sox

PLOT: A man’s devotion to his favorite baseball team threatens
his relationships with actual people


Fever Pitch Poster (UK)

Channel Four Films

Fever Pitch (1997)


PLOT: A man’s devotion to his favorite soccer team threatens
his relationships with actual people


Big Fan Poster

First Independent Pictures

Big Fan (2009)

OBSESSION: The New York Giants

PLOT: A fan gets in an altercation with his favorite football player



Columbia Pictures

Misery (1990)

OBSESSION: Paul Sheldon, a fictional novelist

PLOT: A woman makes her devotion to a novelist’s characters clear to the author


Fanboys Poster

The Weinstein Company

Fanboys (2009)


PLOT: A dying fan and his friends try to see an early screening of Episode I


The Purple Rose of Cairo

Orion Pictures Corporation

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

OBSESSION: Tom Baxter, a fictional-within-a-fiction archaeologist from a movie

PLOT: A woman who loves movies has a chance to meet her favorite character,
even though he isn’t real


Nurse Betty

Gramercy Pictures

Nurse Betty (2000)

OBSESSION: Dr. David Ravell, a fictional character on a soap opera

PLOT: A woman is convinced that she was engaged to a character
from her favorite soap


Bye Bye Birdie

Columbia Pictures

Bye Bye Birdie (1963)

OBSESSION: Conrad Birdie, a fictional Elvis-type crooner

PLOT: The member of Conrad Birdie’s fan club wins a chance to kiss him before
he goes off to war, much to the distress of the men in her life


Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!


Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)

OBSESSION: Tad Hamilton, a fictional heartthrob

PLOT: A girl wins a chance to go on a date with a famous actor,
much to the distress of the men in her life


Galaxy Quest


Galaxy Quest (1999)

OBSESSION: Galaxy Quest, a Star Trek-like show

PLOT: The cast of a cult-classic TV show is called upon to really save some aliens