Back on our Radar: Donald Glover is Developing a New Series for FX

The talented actor-comedian-rapper will produce and star in a show set in Atlanta

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Jerod Harris / WireImage / Getty Images

Community star and former 30 Rock writer Donald Glover is now working on a brand new comedy series for FX. This means two things: One, yay. No seriously, yay! And two, we’ve now got ourselves another clue in an ongoing mystery: what has the multi-talented entertainer been up to lately? As TIME recently reported, Glover’s once inescapable pop culture and web presence seemed to just drift away — but now we’ve got an idea of one project he’s got in store.

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The 29-year-old will write, produce and star in the show, tentatively titled Atlanta, which will focus on the city’s music business, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That’s definitely in his wheelhouse, as the writer and actor maintains a successful music career under his hip hop pseudonym, Childish Gambino. He also grew up in the Atlanta area, so basically, this all makes a lot of sense.

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Last month, to the dismay of his many fans, Glover revealed that he’d be spending less time on the upcoming fifth season of the cult hit Community, appearing—as the lovable Troy Barnes —in only five of the show’s 13 scheduled episodes. And it should be noted that this won’t be his first stab at his own series: last year, he developed a semi-autobiographical series for NBC that failed to get a commitment from the network. Here’s hoping the new show reaches the full stages of completion — and, most of all, here’s hoping that it offers Glover plenty of opportunities to show off his incredible crying.