‘Michelle Obama’ and ‘Tie?’ Top Google Searches During Oscars Show

Jennifer Lawrence was Google's most-searched star last night — also popular: a starship captain and the First Lady

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A group of winners from last night’s awards ceremony were the five most-searched-for Oscar nominees, led by (Best Actress) Jennifer Lawrence and (Best Actor) Daniel Day-Lewis. The Silver Linings Playbook star was the owner of the most-searched-for Oscar dress, too — finishing ahead of even Anne Hathaway’s too-revealing outfit.

And some unexpected moments drove viewers to the popular search engine :

• William Shatner’s ham-filled playing of his famous Star Trek character sent the show audience searching for ‘KIRK’ at a rate of 1,500 queries per minute.

• The First Lady’s surprise announcing of the Best Picture winner generated a wave of ‘MICHELLE OBAMA’ searches, peaking at a rate of 4,500 per minute.

• The two sets of winners in the Best Sound Editing category had curious viewers asking “HAS THERE EVER BEEN A TIE IN THE OSCARS?” — searches spiked at more than 5,000 a minute. (The answer: Yes. This was the sixth time this has happened, last occurring in 1995, when two films shared the award for Best Live-Action Short.)

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