Who Should Play Woz to Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs?

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Tony Avelar / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Steve Wozniak

When you think of Steve Jobs, you probably don’t picture a star of Two and a Half Men. But chances are, you’re not a Hollywood executive. Some of those types have cast Ashton Kutcher to play the late Apple visionary in Jobs, an indie biopic, as Techland reported yesterday.

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This is the second widely known Jobs biopic in the works. The other is based on his official biography, written by former TIME managing editor Walter Isaacson; both George Clooney and Noah Wyle have been rumored to be in talks for the role.

But enough online chatter has focused on the fictional Steve Jobs. Now the question remains: Who should star as Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak? The choice is a tough one. After all, Woz has been a lovable character in the tech world throughout his career — and still to this day is first in line to pick up a new Apple product. Who can do Woz justice?

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Considering the 1999 TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley (with Wyle as Jobs) starred Joey Slotnick as Wozniak, casting directors really could go anywhere with the pick. The time period on which the script focuses is key. We assume Kutcher will portray the younger Jobs, but we couldn’t resist casting a mix of young and current Wozniaks, just in case either biopic spans the decades.

With those qualifiers in mind, we see three ways to go when looking for the perfect Woz:

Reach for that Oscar. John Goodman, with some facial hair, would make a stellar Current Woz. Recent Oscar nominee Jonah Hill could pull off Young Woz with the help of good hair and makeup. And since Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti can do no wrong in our book, any casting director looking for an Oscar lock should look no further.

Get someone funny. Wozniak has shown a healthy sense of humor through his career, even playing pranks at new product launches, so a funnyman in the role isn’t a stretch. CNN recommends Jack Black or Zach Galifianakis. Some around the TIME office noted Kevin Smith or Seth Rogen might work well, too. If Kutcher stars opposite one of these four picks, expect them to pull a Jonah Hill and be a pleasant surprise in a dramatic role.

Forget it all and just go the nostalgic route. Kutcher’s That ’70s Show castmate Danny Masterson could decently look the part of Young Woz. If looks aren’t a factor, Seann William Scott is fresh off the American Reunion publicity tour — and who wouldn’t want a Dude, Where’s My Car? reunion?

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