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Stars in Need of TV Shows to Be Stars In

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Caplan will play a sexuality researcher in Masters of Sex.

The other day here at Tuned in, while remarking on Lizzy Caplan‘s guest turn in New Girl, I said that someone needed to give her her own TV show to star in, stat. Yesterday, Showtime announced that Caplan has been cast as the female lead in the pilot for Masters of Sex, a potential new drama about sex researchers Masters and Johnson. You’re welcome, America.

So Lizzy Caplan now has a pilot, which puts us closer to achieving full employment for former Party Down actors. Still, I was reminded of an unmet need on last night’s Parks and Recreation, when Adam Scott (ex-Party Down) was reunited very briefly with Martin Starr (ex-Party Down, as well as Freaks and Geeks). Starr’s bit as the sarcastic staffer of a snow-globe museum reminded me that he, too, needs his own regular role on a TV series. And since I have apparently been invested with godlike power: I command it, Hollywood!

But why stop there? Showbiz can be unfair, and actors who deserve the spotlight can languish on the sidelines. So here’s an exercise for your Friday: what unemployed, underemployed, or just wrongly employed actor would you like to see get a regular role on a series this year? Feel free to conscript actors if you want—take Andy Richter away from Conan’s podium or Kyle Chandler away from the movies—or to recast them from shows they’re already in. (I move to take Paget Brewster off psychofest Criminal Minds and have her star in a sitcom, where she belongs.)

So have at it: cast away! Because at Tuned In, we’re solving the unemployment crisis, one imaginary TV show at a time.