Exclusive Video: Steve Jobs Talks the ‘Magic’ of Innovation in Lost Interview

16 years after Steve Jobs first sat down with tech writer Bob Cringely, "The Lost Interview" brings the conversation to movie theaters this week. TIME has obtained an exclusive excerpt from that conversation

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Surely Steve Jobs could never have imagined that when he sat down with tech writer Bob Cringely to talk about both the birth of the personal computer and his unlikely rise and fall at Apple, that his interview would eventually be screened in movie theaters 16 years later.

And yet that’s precisely what’s about to happen at venues across the country later this week, as Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview brings the journalist-shy innovator into the spotlight for a feature-length 60-minute conversation.

I have already written extensively about the most revealing passages of that conversation (see my detailed coverage of the highlights), but organizers at Landmark Theatres have been kind enough to provide TIME with an exclusive excerpt from this week’s production. In this video clip, Jobs talks about the innovation process, and how the “magic” of it all is not to be found in the concept or design but in the actual execution of the plan. It’s in the process, Jobs says, where the full potential is realized.

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The Lost Interview is filled with such observations about invention and business. Here is Steve Jobs, circa 1995:

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