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The Morning After: PTC to ABC: Good Bleeping Job

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The NBA finals ended last night with (spoiler alert?) The Los Angeles Lakers pulling off a dramatic comeback against the Boston Celtics. This morning followed with a surprising development of its own: The Parents Television Council commending a broadcast network for the work it did keeping a live event family-friendly. In this case, by vigilantly exercising the bleep button.

Said PTC president Tim Winter in a statement: “While there were a few instances of unbleeped profanity in the first game, ABC appeared to take immediate measures to improve, and they certainly did so during the remainder of the exciting series. … On behalf of all grateful PTC members, I’d like to invite the person or people who worked that bleep button during the NBA finals to lunch here in downtown Los Angeles, my treat.”

Any last thoughts on the series or the coverage? Keep it clean!