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Scheduling Change We Cannot Believe In

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The Wrap reports that The White House is considering as possible dates for the State of the Union address a Tuesday: either Jan. 26… or Feb. 2. You might know Feb. 2 as Groundhog Day—or as the date of the two-hour premiere of the final season of Lost.

By tradition—though not by requirement—SOTU speeches are held on Tuesday. Most typically they’re given the last Tuesday of January, but a Washington colleague says the Feb. 2 date is the most commonly floated day currently.

Since the premiere runs two hours, and SOTUs can often crack an hour, it’s hard to see how ABC would accommodate it without rescheduling. So let us hope cooler heads will prevail in Washington and head off this national tragedy. Or that Dharma is working on a plan to allow President Obama to deliver the speech in an alternative timeline.