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Reality TV 1, Secret Service 0

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Further reinforcing the theory that reality TV participation is replacing surly reclusiveness as the chief warning sign of future acts of bizarre notoriety, the New York Times runs a page-one story today on the couple who crashed a Presidential state dinner—who were, naturally, under consideration as participants in Bravo’s Real Housewives of D.C. The fascinating piece—which among other things, features Brian Williams as a witness—notes that the Salahis arrived with a camera and makeup woman in trail. The unanswered question: are they still under consideration for Real Housewives, and does the incident help or hurt their case?

If you missed the occasion, you can still see photos of the Salahis brush with fame at Michaele Salahi’s Facebook page, which lists her under the honorific “Other Public Figure” and invites you to become a fan. There’s also e-mail contact information, should you wish to sign up Salahi for a “national or International endorsement for your product or company.” Maybe for a home-security system?